Brightwell Aquatics and Continuum Aquatics goods are in stock and ready to ship!  Stocking levels of high-demand items, such as NēoMarine Salt, are gradually increasing, but we encourage customers to place purchase orders in anticipation of their requirements.  Please contact Andrew Werendel, National Sales Manager for HD, with any questions.

Sales Inquiries

It is very easy to get in touch with us. For sales inquiries, please call Andrew Werendel, National Sales Manager, at 07970 939228, E-mail us, or write to us using the Contact Form.

Items Stocked

We encourage you to review our product list for a complete list of items available.


There are many questions we get asked again and again. Maybe your question is one of them. Please check our FAQs for a quick answer to your question.

Availability: In-stock and Special Order items

Every Brightwell Aquatics and Continuum Aquatics item is available through Heritage Distribution Limited.  We maintain stock of all top-selling, consumer-sized items, as well as many of the larger sizes that are used by shops and maintenance companies in management of their aquatic systems.


While we like to say that all items are stock items, it does not necessarily mean that all items are always in stock!  We maintain stocking levels of items as customer demand and market conditions dictate, and typically receive re-stocking orders at least once each month; if we're out of a normally-stocked item, chances are high that it's already on the way to our distribution center.  Still, we strongly encourage our customers to contact us to ensure that their requirements are at least known, and hopefully met as soon as possible.  Our goal is 100% fulfillment, 100% of the time.


While some out-of-stock and specialty items may need to be ordered with the next scheduled shipment, please be assured that we will do everything possible to expedite the arrival of these items.  Also, be assured that we will never tell our customers that we can't order or receive a Brightwell Aquatics or Continuum Aquatics item.

Items that are in stock typically ship from our King's Lynn distribution center within 1 business day of receiving the customer's purchase order and payment information. Normal stock items that are out-of-stock are likely to already be in transit to us from Brightwell Aquatics (who produces their own line, as well as Continuum Aquatics and Aqua Vision Aquatics items, in their private US facility).


Special Order items are typically received at our distribution center within 4 weeks* of having received the customer's purchase order and commitment, and will ship to the customer as soon as possible after having been received and processed at our distribution center.


* This may vary depending upon when the next shipment is due to be placed with, or to arrive from, Brightwell/Continuum/Aqua Vision.

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